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Calving Season…and mud.

…Lots and lots of mud! We had received about 18-20 inches of snow over the last two weeks, and when the temps rose and rose today – well, all that melting snow had to go somewhere! There are small lakes everywhere, mud is oozing over my boots, and Horse Creek is rushing along at a grand pace!

I took a break this afternoon and went out for some fresh air… OK, partly to see the miracle of a small flood in my backyard, and partly to see more calves. I am kind of enamored with them! :)

Horse Creek is full to overflowing!

Horse Creek is full to overflowing!


This heifer is in labor - the bag is protruding - sure sign that a calf is on the way! I wish I could have stayed long enough to watch it being born - but I had to leave.

This heifer is in labor… the bag is protruding – sure sign that a calf is on the way! 



One of ours! About an hour old here.

My Cowboy.

My Cowboy.



So Sew Organized ~ Tote Review

Howdy, folks! I have  fun review for you today. Have you ever entered an online giveaway? I have probably entered hundreds. Sometimes you actually DO win, ya know! :) I was privileged to win a tote from So Sew Organized last month! It was fun to get the package in the mail! So, I thought I would show it to you.

I was able to choose my favorite tote from the So Sew Organized Etsy shop. (That was fun, by the way!) Here it is:

tote4Pretty, huh?


Would make a cute library bag…


This bag is made really neatly – very sturdy and practical, as well as beautiful.


As cute as the books looked in this bag – this is how it actually looks for me! I used it to carry books, notepad, pen, and dollbaby to church for my little girls. It worked great, and was much prettier than what I have been using. Sorry about the disfigured doll – little girls and ink pens, ya know!

You should go over and check out Nicole’s Etsy shop. She makes other great stuff, as well. tablet cases, scarves, etc. She also has a sale going on today, so hurry over!

Thanks to So Sew organized for hosting this giveaway, and for a quality product!

Note: I was not reimbursed for this post. I was not even asked to do it! I just liked the product, and like to share good products when I find them. I also love to promote small businesses. If you have a product you would like me to review, let me know, and we may be able to work something out.