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Dear Fellow Mom

dear fellow mom

Dear Fellow Mom ~ 

This is how I greet my fellow moms on Facebook occasionally.  I write little nuggets of encouragement or whatever is on my heart. My goal is to inspire, encourage, exhort. It is not my desire to portray myself as perfect, or having reached a certain level of ‘goodness’. I am not good in any way. Only through the blood of Jesus my Saviour am I even qualified to write these things! I am a failing, broken person who is so… human. But praise God, by the blood of Jesus, I am righteous and justified in His eyes! I am washed by the Blood and made a new person! The Holy Spirit who lives in me gives me power to overcome sin and walk in obedience to the truth of the Gospel.

I thought I would share a few of these Facebook thoughts here for my friends who are not on Facebook.

“Dear Fellow Mom ~ Let’s persevere in teaching and training our children in the right way of doing things. Sometimes we get frustrated because we have told them many times before and ‘they should know by now!’ But they are children – they need continuous training, teaching and gentle reminders. Whether it’s chores, attitudes, social interaction, or self-control – Keep teaching, sweet mama! It will produce fruit in the end!”

Dear Fellow Mom ~ encouragement for the christian mom

 “Dear Fellow Mom ~ 
Do you ever feel like crawling under the covers and hiding from all your responsibilities? This is where Jesus wants to meet you – in the hard places. The place where your flesh cries in agony as you put it to death. Your Father waits with strength and grace unmeasured, for that moment when you are finally done with Self, and turn to Him. You are not worthless and hopeless, rather, you are worth Calvary, and you have a Hope that is alive! “

Dear Fellow Mom ~ encouragement for the christian mom

“Dear Fellow Mom ~ 
Don’t forget to take time to nourish your soul today. And the souls of your children! Take time for a cool drink and a read-aloud story, or perhaps tea and homemade cookies. Take a relaxing walk, play THEIR choice of game, etc. Little moments are often remembered the most by a child. 
I am resolved to set aside time for some soul-refreshing today, with my kids – anyone with me?! “

Dear Fellow Mom ~ encouragement for the christian mom

“Dear fellow mom ~ 
Don’t allow your thoughts to run away with you! The number one problem I have found in my life, in regards to my attitude, is the temptation to think wrong thoughts. I can go from comparison to arrogance to pride pretty fast. Or, from comparison to depression to bitterness. Am I the only one?! We have to be strong in the power of the LORD and grab hold of our thoughts. Purposely CHOOSE good thoughts. 

“…whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” Philippians 4:8″

Dear Fellow Mom ~ encouragement for the christian mom

Dear Fellow Mom ~ I just want to encourage you today: If God can help a lazy, selfish person like me, He can certainly do it for you! Love on your babies, love on your husband, keep meeting Him in those secret moments, and lean into the work. It is hard for us to give up self – but oh so worth it! :)

Carry on.

Mohair Cinch Benefits… and my other writing place.

mohair cinchWhen I started tying mohair cinchas, I didn’t know much about the benefits – my artistic soul just loved the beauty of a hand-tied, colorful, mohair cinch! :) But as I have worked with them longer and have learned more and more, I am now sold on the benefits of this traditional fiber.

There are many choices with cinchas, and I can appreciate the various personal reasons for selecting a type to fit your need, whether it be usage, appearance, or just plain ole finances! (mohair tends to be pricey)

But – if you love traditional gear, and enjoy your gear being a piece of art – as well as solid function – then you may like a mohair cinch! :) I really enjoy making them. Working with my customers to design that special gift, or dyeing my own colors is so satisfying. I strive to keep my prices as low as possible, so the average working cowboy can afford nice-looking gear.

mohair cinch

And in other news, I am honored to be a contributing writer for Cavvy Savvy! A website that offers practical advice for performance and working horses.

I wrote an article on the benefits of a mohair cinch over there today, if you want to go check it out: Benefits of a Mohair Cinch.

I am impressed with the great group of writers at Cavvy Savvy. They are the real deal, and have so much knowlegde of working horses. I am excited to learn from them in the coming years.




Hello, Winter!

They were calling for snow… I kept hoping they were wrong. They sometimes are, you know. 😉 But this morning when I walked out through my yard, this is the sight that greeted my eyes:

winterMy lovely, bright flowers are each sporting a white cap of fluffy snow.



The grass is holding up a layer of snow on its green spears…



I walked out to my garden and unplugged the electric fence. For there is very little left alive in there to protect. The corn may look nice – but I bet it will be brown by the end of the day. Besides, the coons have eaten most of the ears, anyways. :(


Zucchini plants. You can’t plant too many here in WY, as you only get to pick a few before the plants freeze! ;)


Thankfully, I don’t think a bit of fluffy snow should hurt my apples. 


winterIt’s been but a short time since my last snow post, but I am hoping for a nice, long Indian Summer after this! 😉

Happy Winter, my friends.



Cowboy Lunch

I get up at 5 am, when my husband’s alarm sounds. I love getting up early, and can’t seem to sleep after he is up. After he leaves, I get started on my lunch prep. Checking the beef that has been all night in the oven, peeling potatoes, chopping salad.

I sweep the floor, put out a fresh towel by the sink, and set the table. I fill salt and pepper shakers, dish out homemade jam, and fill the butter plate. I call the kids to do a last minute clean-up of toys and line up their shoes by the door. The food is ready, so I turn the oven to low and wait. Sometimes the boss calls me to warn me that they will be in soon. More often, I look up to see them walking across my yard.


This is the crew that I feed several times per year. There are more, but these are some of the ‘regulars’. Only 3 work here on a daily basis – the rest are neighbors who come to help on cattle-working days. Then we go help them on the days they need extra hands, of course. That is the beauty of ranch community. When you need help, you call your neighbors, and they come help. No pay except a hearty meal. Then when they need help, they pick up the phone and call you. And you get to return the favor.

cowboy crew

These guys are so thankful for whatever I make. Many people could take a lesson. They sit around my table and tell wild stories and joke. They laugh and tease the young guys about taking seconds. They praise the cook and carry their plates to the sink when they are done eating. They walk with that peculiar bow-legged gait, spurs jingling, out the door. They set their hats back on their heads and buckle on their chaps – ready for more cattle work.



I often make a big lunch. Beef brisket, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggie, lettuce salad, jello salad, rolls, and dessert. But yesterday, I made a very simple cowboy lunch: BBQ Beef sandwiches, Asian Slaw, baked beans, and butterscotch pudding dessert.

cowboy lunchcowboy lunchcowboy lunch

After the guys are gone, I park myself in the easy chair with a plate of food and a mug of hot black coffee. Aahhh, the life of the ranch cook. 😉

What do you cook for the cowboys? (or other large group) I can always use inspiration! Tell me your favorite recipe for beef in large quantities. :)


Ropin’ Practice.

Yesterday we were invited to the neighbors for an afternoon of roping practice, and a BBQ. What a treat! My Cowboy loves to practice his roping skills, and I love to chat with fellow-ranch wives. And I like to photograph My Cowboy, of course. :) Although yesterday  I had a grumpy toddler in one arm who made the picture-taking rather difficult. :/ But that’s OK. Someday I will have plenty of free time and free hands for snapping pictures. And there will always be cowboys to photograph! :)

Evening light.

Evening light.

First comes the cutting practice – good practice for the horses. Keepin’ that steer away from the herd can be a job!

The Dance.

The Dance.

Then comes the chase. Run up and rope ‘im. And hope your loop sticks. :)

roping practice


After the header has the head loop on, you want the heeler to come in and catch the feet. But sometimes they miss. 😉 This is fairly common, because in real life, you don’t catch every single time, like they do in the movies. 😉

Humor :)

Humor :)

The others just wait for their turn…


roping practiceI can’t get enough of this gorgeous evening light!roping practiceroping practiceroping practice

Gettin' a drink.

Gettin’ a drink.

roping practice

Tail 'im down!

Tail ‘im down!

You kind of want to watch out for the horns, by the way. :)





Waitin' their turn...

Waitin’ their turn…

Hope you enjoyed this little peak into a cowboy’s day off! :)