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A Cold and Snowy Day

It’s a snowy day on the ranch… wanna come and sit awhile?! 😉
snowy day on the ranch

The snow began falling on Christmas morning, and continued for the whole day. Softly, gently, falling down in white sheets.
snowy ranch barnThe following day it continued falling – lighter now, but not stopping. Falling flakes for the whole day, until the depth reached a foot or more.

It covered the ground, the fence posts – even the cows! :) The livestock doesn’t seem to mind. They prefer standing in the snow, than to go inside. God created them with skin and hair that is amazing in its ability to withstand cold and snow. angus in snowMeanwhile, I stay (mostly) inside where the weather is fine! :) I venture out only for some fresh air and to work with my ponies.

Happy Saturday, y’all!

5 Tips for Taking Better Horse Photos – repost from Cavvy Savvy

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Do you like to take photos of your horses? Perhaps you feel like you are not a photographer, but want to get some great shots to sell  that horse?

Here some simple tips to make your photos stand out when you are selling horses online, or in a paper. You may have a great-looking horse, but if the picture is bad, it won’t get much interest. You might think you are not a good photographer, but trust me, even an amateur can take nice photos with a little practice.  I have discovered 5  tips for taking better horse photos.

1. Pick the right angle. One of the absolute worst angles is when you stand by the shoulder and point your camera along his side. This is a natural tendency, since we generally approach a horse from the front. But it makes his hindquarters look small and his head big.

Standing at the shoulder makes the hindquarters look small.

Standing at the shoulder makes the hindquarters look small.

Try this: Stand slightly behind him. This will give his hindquarters better proportion with his head and shoulders.

Same day, same horse, better angle.

Same day, same horse, better angle.

2. Face away from the sun. Lighting is one of the worst mistakes people make with their photos. Early morning or late afternoon has beautiful lighting, but even photos taken at noon can be good if you make sure the horse is facing the sun, and you aren’t.

Try this: Make sure the sun is behind you, or beside you. This will light up the horse to the best advantage.

Horse is facing the evening sun. The golden light highlights this dun gelding.

The golden evening sun highlights this dun gelding.

3. Watch your background. Try to keep a relatively clean background. By ‘clean’, I mean, try to photograph your horse in a  field, open pen, or something similar. Try to get the horse away from other horses, so he doesn’t have the illusion of extra heads or legs.

Good angle and lighting, but the extra legs and cluttered background are distracting.

Good angle and lighting, but the extra legs and cluttered background are distracting.

Try this: Have your horse stand in front of an open barn door, the dark interior of the barn makes for a good photo.  Check out the photos in this post.

4. Get his ears up. It is OK if he is turning an ear back toward his rider, for instance, but otherwise try to get his ears pricked and alert. If his ears are laid down, he will look disengaged.

Try this: Have a helper to make sounds and action. If you are by yourself, get your camera ready then make a small sound. Usually they will look  and prick their ears for a second or two.

Ears up, facing the camera.

Ears up, facing the camera.

5.  Action shots. Especially if you are trying to sell a working horse, people will want to see it in action. Work some cows, run some barrels,  whatever your horse does that makes it awesome!

Try this: Action shots can be tricky – so take lots, to make sure you get one you like. If you have the ‘action’ preset on your camera, use it. It will help you capture that fast action.

Lane Stevenson, at a ranch rodeo in Laramie, WY.

Lane Stevenson, at a ranch rodeo in Laramie, WY.

Black & White Ranch Photos

Maybe you’ve seen (or participated in!) the black & white photo challenge tat was going around. Well, I was tagged in it, and gladly shared some black & white photos I have done over the year. Today I wanted to share with you all as well – they are special to me for various reasons, even the ones that are poorly composed or imperfect. :) Cowboys from WyomingCowboys that are like uncles to my kids. These guys come in my house, always looking first for the kids – not the food! 😉


Roping practiceRoping practice with friends and neighbors. A gorgeous evening of laughter, fellowship, and yummy beef. :)

child portraitOh, be still my heart! This child is the darling of everyone’s heart around this house!

foggy morningFog and my favorite tree. This tree looks good in any old weather. :)
Have a blessed day!

Own Your Life ~ Brand-new book by Sally Clarkson!

Hi fellow moms and ladies!
I am so excited to let the cat outta the bag finally! I have been sitting on this secret for awhile now. :) Sally Clarkson is a mom of four kids, writer, speaker, and blogger. She inspires me to reach for more in my mothering. She understands the hard work it takes to create and maintain rhythms of beauty and grace in a home. She gently encourages to keep on going – even when the going is tough. And she has written a new book called: Own Your Life. It is available for pre-order on Amazon today!! I have mine already ordered. I cannot wait to read it.


Mrs. Clarkson has been my ‘online mentor’ for the last two years. I am honored to be partnering with her to promote the launch of her newest book.  I can assure you, if you are a woman with a heart after God, you will enjoy and be blessed with this book.

You can go to Amazon and pre-order. Books ship on Jan. 6 – just in time to Own Your Life in 2015! :) (Note: If you order through my link, it is no extra cost to you, but gives me a tiny percentage that is so much appreciated!)