21st Annual Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show

Sheridan, Wyoming… the scene of the annual leather trade show! Very useful and interesting if you are into building saddles, as my husband is. Or if you enjoy all things cowboy. :)

leather show

Sporting my brand-new hoodie from The Buckarette Collection! Great products. Find her on Facebook as The Buckarette Collection, and order something. A young ranchwife, who is contributing to her family’s income through unique, one-of-a-kind products. 

My husband and I always take this weekend in May, and spend it in Sheridan. We spend a good part of the time in the show, of course. My husband talks business with the leather suppliers, and browses tools, products, and picks up some good deals.

If I have a baby along, (usually I do! 😉 ) I walk around the show till she gets bored or tired. Then I crash at the motel, or do a little shopping around town. I discovered this really neat historical mansion a few years ago, and had to explore it. I fell in love with the rambling old mansion. It has really neat history, as well as gorgeous decor and architecture. I beg my Man to come tour it with me every year. This year he did. :) He is not into old houses, history and architecture the way I am, but he still enjoys humoring me and touring neat spots. I will post a review of it soon.

We spent some time at King’s Saddlery and King’s ropes. They also have an old west museum that you can tour free. It is worth stopping in and checking out! Many neat wild animal mounts, dozens of saddles, etc.


kings saddles

Inspecting vintage saddles at King’s Saddlery museum.

They host a World Leather Debut at the show. Basically, anyone from all over the world (I think!) can enter leather goods into the contest. I was juggling a very wiggly and bored 1-year-old in one arm while I snapped these pictures, so please excuse the lack of quality! Maybe next year I will get better ones. :)

Kays iPhone May14 274

Kays iPhone May14 276

I can’t decide if I like these red woolies or not… I mean, who has red woolies?! Maybe… 😀

Kays iPhone May14 275

I also want my future saddle to be similar to this one, as far as scallops, amount of tooling, etc. I want a slick fork though, and my husband to make it, of course! 😉

Kays iPhone May14 273

Following are some photos of the amazing artwork that people produce with leather and paint. Simply amazing.

Kays iPhone May14 267 Kays iPhone May14 266

Kays iPhone May14 268 Kays iPhone May14 265

If you are ever at the Leather show in Sheridan, WY, please give me a holler – we could meet and say Howdy! :)

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