5 Reasons I Won’t Ditch My Smartphone

5 Reasons I won't ditch the smartphone

You hear it all the time – why you should go unplugged, and why you should get rid of the smartphone. Or at least turn it off while you are in a 5 mile radius of another human being.
I disagree.
At least for now.
For me.
I think they are a wonderful invention, and one to be taken advantage of. Of course they can be misused, but they can also be tremendously helpful.

I have a feeling that the smartphone revolution is similar to the telephone revolution – back when it became possible for the common person to afford it. They used to have party lines back then… I remember living in a rural area of West Virginia ( is there any other kind of area in WV?! 😉 ) where the neighbors listened in to every phone call. I was too young to make calls myself, mind you, but I remember my mom getting frustrated with them! :)

Anyways, I suppose those women spent too much time sitting and listening to their party lines, just like sometimes we spend too much time glued to our phones. If it’s not one thing – it would be another. Before my days of computer and smartphone, I sat and read books and magazines or talked on the phone by the hour. I ask you: Is one distraction really better or worse than another?

I get it. I try to limit my tech time. I leave my phone in another room so that it isn’t as easy to pick it up every time I walk past. I deleted the Fb app, so I don’t have that  distraction at my fingertips. Did it help? No. I just end up on Instagram more, haha! :) (truth, people!)

There are several reasons I love my smartphone.

1. I stay more connected to my family. I mean, group texts are the coolest invention ever!!! The amount of group texts between the three of us (sadlyone sister doesn’t have an iPhone) is staggering. It is one of the highlights of my day – to get a funny pic from my sister, or a “could you pray for me” request. We share stories, jokes, anecdotes, and lots of photos. I feel like I am in the same room with them, as we share conversations about life.

2. Photos. Seriously, a photo-crazy person such as myself should settle for nothing less than a smartphone! The quality is great, if you take time to figure it out. Those fleeting, random moments of life that are so hard to capture – well, grab that phone and snap! you have it! Plus you always have your phone with you. And you can be very sneaky with it. So cool. 😉

3. I can send my husband all sorts of things, from screenshots of maps, to great pics of the kids being dorky, to long, mushy, love notes, full of cute graphics! :) Also – he can now look up businesses phone numbers online via his phone.

4. Games. Yes, I do love the game apps, for my kids. Especially when I am stuck in a Dr.s’ office waiting room, or airport, or whatever. Could I teach them to watch people and be quiet? Sure. But what’s the fun in that?! 😉 I personally don’t take time to play them much, maybe once the kids are older? :)

5. Information. The same reason we love the World Wide Web, is the same reason I love the smartphone. I can be discussing some random topic with a friend, and if I need to know something – it’s only clicks away. I can research how to treat my kids’ illness, or how to make poppyseed dressing in seconds.

What about you?
Do you stay far away from them?
Do you set limits?
What are some reasons you like them?

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Won’t Ditch My Smartphone

  1. Katie Troyer

    I am on my first smartphone. I had times when I thought of going back to the basic phone, especially when I couldn’t use it in the hills of Holmes County or when it crashed a few times. But I intend to get an iphone when it is time to renew my contract. One of my photography friends travels the world over with only an iphone.

    1. Kay Schrock Post author

      That’s how I got mine, Katie! Free upgrade last time around. You will enjoy the camera quality! It is great. :) I know I had second thoughts at first too, but now I’m hooked. 😉

  2. Rose

    I love this post! I feel the same way about smartphones in general, although I have been trying to not have it always in my hand as much. One of the reasons I like my smartphone so much is the instant availability of critical information while I’m working. I have multiple apps on mine with drug book information and, lab values, and popular medical abbreviations, acronyms, etc. As a new nurse, and as a continuing nursing student, this has come in handy so many times – more than I can count! I am not sure if can give one drug with another – just whip out my phone and check. For that resin alone I probably worn ever give up my smartphone unless forced to do so.

  3. Nicole @ Mendez Manor

    There seems to be so much negativity about giving kids smartphones or iPads to play games on but I honestly don’t know what people did without them. It comes in so handy when we have an errand to run or we are waiting and Olivia gets fussy. It’s not like I’m shoving it in her hands all the time, but it is very useful in certain situations. Plus all of the games she plays are educational. I’m glad I can stop feeling guilty about this now! LOL!
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