Baby Update

Our baby’s story is very long… from home bed rest to hospital bedrest,
(try spending 18 days in this one room)

 To an emergency C-section….

 …to 4 weeks (very long weeks, I might add) in the NICU,

Daddy’s hands…

Note: My sis has no IDEA how very special it was to have her on hand for the birth. I will treasure the memories.

…to bring Reata home, finally! …but still on oxygen and still struggling with her breathing/eating coordination,
…to now, where she is fat and healthy and breathing normally and oh, so much fun!

 Yes, I am blessed. We are blessed.  (just look at those rolls of chub. SHE is sure blessed. With baby fat. :)

(even if my cutie-patutie baby ^^ looks weird when I try to do a ‘classy’ photo shoot, haha!)
Just an update, folks. :)

One thought on “Baby Update

  1. Rachel

    I’m sure it was a hard time, but one that the good Lord seen you ALL through, what a beautiful blessing she is!!
    Love chunky babies! She is precious!!


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