Birds in my yard.

My parents visited us a couple weeks ago. Mom would not stop bugging me about a bird feeder! Finally I hung one up just to please her. :) But you know – I have been having so much fun trying to capture these little guys mid-flight. They are so cute! Mostly sparrows, but then there’s this jay that keeps coming and chasing the others away. Jays are so ornery! Bossy and obnoxious. But strikingly beautiful.

Thanks for bugging me, mom!birds

birds birds birds birds birds birds birds

3 thoughts on “Birds in my yard.

  1. Wiesje

    I love watching birds! :) 33 yrs old, turning into a birdwatcher and not afraid to admit it 😉 We have some bird identifying booklets with us most of the time when we re out and about exploring. So many of God’s beautiful creations even right in my neighborhood!


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