Black & White Ranch Photos

Maybe you’ve seen (or participated in!) the black & white photo challenge tat was going around. Well, I was tagged in it, and gladly shared some black & white photos I have done over the year. Today I wanted to share with you all as well – they are special to me for various reasons, even the ones that are poorly composed or imperfect. :) Cowboys from WyomingCowboys that are like uncles to my kids. These guys come in my house, always looking first for the kids – not the food! 😉


Roping practiceRoping practice with friends and neighbors. A gorgeous evening of laughter, fellowship, and yummy beef. :)

child portraitOh, be still my heart! This child is the darling of everyone’s heart around this house!

foggy morningFog and my favorite tree. This tree looks good in any old weather. :)
Have a blessed day!

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