Bobcats and Baby Chicks.

My Cowboy went to the first branding of the season this morning. Since I must stay at home and wrangle kids all morning, I decided to reward myself by writing. A blog post. I know – I’m nerdy that way. :)
The flower shop delivered some gorgeous flowers last week. They are from my even more gorgeous sister. (Truly.) They are so fresh and spring-like. Iris are one of my favorite flowers.

 My mom sent me a beautiful bowl of flowers, too.She sent hers a little early, but the interesting thing is, that every year she can’t wait till the 28th, so she just sends them early. I have received them on the day the canal starts running in the spring, for the last 2-3 years.  And even I don’t know when that canal is gonna start running. I find it interesting and so special that God has planned that a day that is always tough for me (and yet rather unimportant) is always greeted with flowers from my mom. God is cool that way.

 And I have been playing around with my new camera. Lucia is always a willing, cute, and available subject. She is the only one in the house still young enough to look adorable even when her hair is a mess. :)

 The Boss found a road-killed bobcat a few days ago. I’m not sure what the rationale was in bringing it to the X-Bar. But Frank thought it was cool. It is kinda cool – as long as its dead.

 The Hershey family made our whole week by coming up on Saturday afternoon and staying till evening. I talked,  the men moved some yearlings on horseback, I talked, the kids played, I talked, the boys played with our new chicks, I… well, anyways. I sure enjoyed it. We made food for Sunday potluck, and food for supper. Franklin and Brandon were having fun with our baby chicks.  Can I have any volunteers to come build me a chicken coop? I have plans to build one myself, but I fear for the aesthetic aspect of it all. And I really need to find some scrap wood. 

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  1. Elizabeth Swartzendruber

    I love you blog. God is always on time and he knows when we need that encouragement. Life sures sounds very interesting.


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