Branding ~ Part 2

Now that all the babies are separated from the mama’s, the cowboys set up the branding area. Carry in the branding irons, and the gas-grill-thingy to heat them in. The cooler full of meds, and the boxes of ear tags.

                           Cliff’s boss – Den. It is seriously muddy.

I love the red boots.

                                             What is wrong with this picture??

 One of my all-time favorite pictures. My bro-in-law and my nephew, Ira. They are even walking in-step.

 Now that everyone is ready, the cowboys go in the pen with the babies and start roping. They take turns roping. 2-3 cowboys are a’horseback at a time, so that they can each have a turn at the fun part. Branding is a good time to show off fancy loops, quick catches, and well-trained horses. Or not. Some guys bring colts and green horses to the branding. Which I don’t like, because I always have kids with me, and I want to be reasonably sure that the horses there are safe. Or at least not gonna go on a buckin rampage at any ruffle of skirts.
And invariably, the cowboys complain that their roping was “terrible today”, which is understandable – considering all the pressure they are under. Or maybe its a bit like child-training: You think you’re doing pretty good till you go in public and have eyes on you. (or your child) Anyways. Some guys are predictably good. I love watching the roping.

A cowboy from Rawlins, WY.

                                       My sweetheart of 10+ years.

 Pull that baby in! Then comes the hard work part; flop it to the ground if it is on its feet, and sit on it. It would seem a simple process, right? But even jerking a calf to the ground and sitting on its head has its tricks. I will show you some more pics of that later…

 My bro-in-law, Marcel. He lives in southern CO. He was the first guy that My Cowboy worked with on a ranch. He’s a smart guy. He married my lovely sister. :)  The Mennonite in the background is my friend from Cheyenne. She and her family have lived on the X-Bar the last two summers, making hay for us. That makes My Cowboy happy. Hayin is hard work.

And last but not least – my cute nephews again. (they would hate this attention if they were 10 years older, but at this point, they have no choice!)  I love little boys.

Note: The answer to the question above is, technically, nothing. But since most people wear gloves on both hands, it could look a bit funny! He was wearing a roping glove, to protect the hand he dallies with. His skin is too dry to dare try it without.

To be continued…

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