The Branding Pot

Imagine this: You are sitting in your truck, watching a branding with a friend, and this little kid – oh, maybe six years old – runs up to the window and says: “We need the pot! Where’s the pot? Do you have the pot?”

What would you think? :) So, this particular friend had never been to a branding on a working ranch before. She is not used to branding terms, and therefore (coming from a state where selling pot is legal) thinks this kid is extremely rude and a little weird. 😀

I don’t blame her. I was living on a ranch a couple years before I heard the term! It could confuse a person! 😉

For the record, if you hear a cowboy talking about ‘the pot’, this is probably what he is referring to:branding pot

It is a propane-powered heater, used to heat the branding irons. Kind of like a propane grill – minus the grates and food. Well, there was that time my son and his friend were roasting calf nuts on top of the pot, and eating them…

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