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CK Custom Leather Spotlight ~ Batwing Chaps


My husband has been working on this pair of custom batwing chaps for a few weeks now. He finished them last week. They are a unique mix of styles, reflecting the diverse tastes of Wyoming cowboys. :) I thought they turned out exceptionally well. batwing chaps batwing chaps batwing chaps batwing chapsFeel free to contact my husband; Cliff, via his Facebook page:  

Or email: ckcustomleather (at) yahoo (dot) com


CK Custom Leather Spotlight ~ more chaps and chinks!


I thought I would show a few of the chaps and chinks that My Cowboy has made over the last few years. These are all custom ordered. Some of the photos aren’t of the best quality, thanks to my inexperience. But I am learning! :)

IMG_7692 - Copy

He made these cute chinks for our kids, since they ride with him some.

ranch rodeo 003 IMG_7941 ranch rodeo 076 ranch rodeo 077

CK Custom Leather Spotlight ~ Custom Ladies’ Armitas


My Cowboy works hard for a living. All cowboys and ranchers do. But after the ‘official’ workday is over, (is there such a thing on a ranch? :) ) he goes back out to his leather shop and continues working. I know a lot of cowboys who tinker with leather – often making or at least repairing their own tack and saddles. But My Cowboy took it a step farther, and turned his hobby into a side business. He makes custom saddles, chaps, tack, belts… you name it.

armitas This is the first in a series of posts shining a spotlight on his work. He specializes in pairing aesthetics with function. He can carve leather beautifully, but it’s not finished til the chaps fit right, the tack is made of the best leather, or the saddle seat is as smooth as butter.

Here is a pair of custom, two-tone armitas he made for a rancher’s wife here in Wyoming. I really like them. When my babies grow up a little, and I start riding enough to justify it – I want a pair very similar to these. :)  Just pretty. That’s what they are.

armitasWhat is your favorite style of chaps? Have you ever had a custom pair made for you?

I’m back!

I love My Cowboy.

When I tried to power up my computer last Friday, it wouldn’t. It bravely tried, sending a few weak glimmers of blue light and tiny squeaks, but to no avail. I tried unplugging it, restarting it, etc. Nothing. So off to the shop it went. It took exactly one week and ‘way over one hundred dollars, but its fixed. Thankfully. I am a terrible about procrastinating, and when I thought my pc was doomed, I was frantically trying to think how to save all my precious photos. And I am not even a photographer. But I love my photos. Fiercely. I do not want to lose even one. So yes, topping my to-do list now is ‘burn pics onto cd’s’. If I can quit catching up on emails, FB, Pioneer Woman, The Garden Web, etc, etc.
Our good friend from Germany. I love the horse. :)

My fun sister. Love you, Rose.

…and it would have been sad to lose all the pictures from CK Custom Leather.
My Cowboy does quality work. In case you’re interested.