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Why We Ranch

why we ranch

The bawling of young calves, drowned by the anxious mooing of their mothers.
The swish of the reata – swirling through the the air – followed by the ‘zzzt!’ of the loop tightening around a calf’s leg.
The sizzle of the branding iron, the swipe of a pink crayon.
Mounds of mashed potatoes, fresh-baked rolls, steaming roast beef.
Stories of cows, bulls, and ornery horses.
Laughter and joking and praising the cook.
Thanking God for rain, planning the next ranch rodeo.
Sunshine casting golden streaks over fresh-mown hay.
Sweating over small bales, greasy from the broken-down baler.
Sipping iced tea, looking anxiously toward the sky.
Working till dark and then some.
Gathering cattle, filling water tanks, fixing windmills.
Admiring a bull elk as the sun rises in a pale sky.
Kids riding the old horse alongside Dad.
Teaching the son to carve leather and the daughter to feed a bottle calf.
Eating homegrown food around a big table.
Sitting on the porch in the stillness of evening, listening to the creek rushing by.

This is why we ranch.


The Ranch Cook

 the ranch cook

The Ranch Cook

I get up early
I mix and I knead
Making things from scratch
for that is my creed.

I feed my husband,
see him out the door
Then start peeling taters –
which is quite a chore!

I frost the sweet rolls
to take out for break
Then I have many
apple pies to bake.

I bake and I boil
I stew and saute
I roast and I boil
and toast the bruleé.

Then lunch is ready
but where are the men?
It’s noon, but they’re still
in the brandin’ pen.

Just turn the oven low
Sit down with a book
Doesn’t bother me – it’s
The life of a ranch cook!

©Kay Schrock

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A Country Day


A Country Day

Coyotes calling far away,

wind is making the willows sway

creek is rushing and running away

raccoons scurrying down the pathway.


Darkness starts to disappear

Colors light the atmosphere

Sun is shining bright and clear

Night is gone the day is here!


Wind is blowing through the trees

children’s laughter on the breeze

chirping of birds and buzzing of bees

summer days filled with ease.


Afternoon shadows stretching long

golden sunshine streaking the lawn

supper is ready the work is done

everyone wants to come on home.


Evening is a peaceful time

relaxing after dinnertime

listening to the old clock chime

snuggling up for storytime.

©Kay Schrock


Windmill in early morning.