Cheyenne Frontier Days

Cheyenne Frontier Days are crazy.
People come from all over to The Daddy of ‘Em All.
The town fills to the brim with horse trailers, flags and people of all kinds.
I always take my kids to watch the parade.
This year they are in 4H, so they were told they could ride in the 4H float.
Well, the ‘float’ never showed up, so they walked alongside the mounted 4H club members.
It was a long, hot walk.
Good thing they had hats!

Here comes Old Glory at the start of the parade!

 It is difficult to use a large camera while holding a sleeping baby, and covering her ears from the noise of all the drums and marching bands, so I just snapped pictures of the things that were most interesting to me. :)         
                                   Calgary Stampede Show Riders – for my friend Olga! :)

 This foal was staying close to it’s mommy. So cute!

Oh! Here they come! The 4H members. The young man holding the Flag is from my kids club.


 And there they are! Frank is waving grandly at everyone. :) I think Jenni was getting wore out…


And this guy. Craziness. Pure craziness!

And this picture of an Oliver tractor is just for my crazy brother-in-law, Tim. I have no idea who came up with this design, but it sure looks weird.

And that’s all folks! If you are ever in the area – check it out! They put on a good parade.

2 thoughts on “Cheyenne Frontier Days

  1. Jennifer

    Now that is a parade! :) My hubby won the rookie saddle bronc riding in Cheyenne in 02′ I believe? He also holds some sort of record.. I can’t remember exactly what. Anyway, all that to say he has been there, but he never saw anything except the arena!

    1. Kay

      Wow! That’s cool!
      Yes, they have 4 parades during CFD, and they are GOOD parades.
      My man isn’t much for rodeos, unless they are ranch rodeos, so we don’t go to the rodeo much. :)


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