CK Custom Leather ~ custom headstalls


Hot. Green grass. Garden weeds. Fresh veggies. Grillin’ steaks. Watermelon. Bike rides. Bare feet. Water fights. Back porch sittin’. Barbecues. The Fourth. Windows down. Wadin’ in the creek.

Don’t ya just love sweet summer time?! :) I do. I am in love. I just love this hot middle-of-summer time. The meadow grasses are tall and turning to golden. Sprinkled through the grasses are yellow coneflowers, white yarrow, black-eyed Susans, and among them all, the calls of bird and buzzing of insects.

I have been picking peas from my garden, pulling a few carrots, and snipping off mint tea leaves to make ice-cold, sweet ‘garden tea’. Nothing better on a hot summer afternoon! I won’t let my kids pull weeds in my garden, although really, I can’t keep up! because that is my quiet spot. I love to kneel down in the rows and carefully pull up the weeds, feeling the stems of my plants, letting the dirt run through my fingers, and just talk to God. You know – my Father? The One who makes the seeds grow and sends rain from the sky. A garden is a great place to get alone time with God. No one gets close to the garden when there are weeds to be pulled! 😉

Meanwhile, my husband has been busy haying, pulling bulls, etc. He also has been busy filling orders in the leather shop. He finished these headstalls last week. Custom order for a WY customer. I need a good place/method to take product photos. Leather work is cumbersome to photograph! Any suggestions would be appreciated.


ck custom leather headstalls IMG_7129

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