Cowboys and Indians

I have wanted to do this post for awhile… ever since our friends came all the way from CO to My Cowboy’s rodeo, last year.
We have a good friend who is an Indian. Not the kind of ‘Indian’ we think of here in the USA, but a ‘real’ Indian… from India. Santosh is a computer-programmer-citykid-cricket-lovin-guy. About as opposite from My Cowboy as night from day.
Santosh works from a home office. (mostly)
My Cowboy works on the wide open prairie.
Santosh can type faster than I can talk. (that’s fast!)
My Cowboy types with one finger. Agonizingly slow – even for me.
Santosh goes to baseball games and yells till he is hoarse.
My Cowboy watches ranch rodeos with a quiet grin.
Santosh wears…I actually don’t know what they are called; those slick-puffy-jogging-workout sweatpants-cousin pants. (what ARE they called?)
My Cowboy wears Wranglers…
You get the idea.
Despite these many differences, Cliff and Santosh have become great friends, and we absolutely love when Santosh and his beautiful wife and cute kids come visit us. Today was branding on the X-Bar.
Welcome to modern ‘Cowboys and Indians’.
 Getting instructions.
 Dragging in the calf.
 Grab that tail, Santosh.
 Then grab the foot.
The Indians weren’t our only friends that came up to help us. Stay tuned for upcoming posts….
 Don’t squat with your spurs on.  ~Cowboy Proverb.
Lil Cowgirl.
 Lil Indian.
Lil Indian who is gonna grow up to be an Indian Cowboy. I think. He really wanted in on the action today.

3 thoughts on “Cowboys and Indians

  1. Santosh Poonen

    Cliff & Kay: You and your family have had a tremendous influence in my life. Your quiet, but powerful spirit of praise is a glorious example. Whenever we spend time together, I come away thankful for the spirit of Christ in you!

  2. Sandeep Poonen

    This is awesome. There’s at least one other California Indian who wants in on this action. We definitely need to plan a visit to the ranch next time I’m there. Thanks for the post!


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