Cowboys on the Ranch.

cowboys on the ranchThe fiercely blowing wind was no match for the warm sunshine. It spilled through the clouds and seeped into winter-weary bones with a comforting warmth. A few green blades of grass poked bravely through the brown, sharing the warmth of the spring sun. The sound of anxious cows, calling for their young, mixed with the soft footsteps of horses on grass, and the slap-slapping of saddle leather. Spurs jingled, but the sound was covered by the “Hup, Hup! Shhh-shhh-shhh.” of the cowboys, driving the cows into a small pen.

cowboys on the ranch

cowboys on the ranchcowboys on the ranchcowboys on the ranch


A brief pause at the gate to clarify plans, then into the pen with the cows and their babies. Two men on the ground to keep records and help sort, three men on horseback, roping the babies and taking them to the correct pasture. The mamas follow the babies – no need to worry about them! cowboys on the ranch

cowboys on the ranch

“Obie” dragging one in.

cowboys on the ranch

cowboys on the ranchcowboys on the ranchThe sun covered me in warmth, as I lay on the prairie, camera in hand – lens poking through last summer’s weeds. I could have fallen asleep, I think, laying there on the face on the earth. There is something satisfying about the simplicity of nature. Just the sun warming my back, the grass poking my arms, the wind blowing overhead, and the occasional ‘moo’ of a worried cow in the background.
cowboys on the ranchcowboys on the ranchcowboys on the ranchI cooked lunch for the cowboys before I went outto watch them. It was only a few men, so not a big deal. I kept it simple this time…
Swedish Meatballs
Mashed Potatoes
Sauteéd veggies (Mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and yellow squash)
Fresh bread
and for dessert I had:
Brownies with ice cream.

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