My Favorite Winter Clothing.

Elk Mountain in winterAfter 10 years of Wyoming winters, I have finally figured out some clothing that makes life much easier for this southern gal! 😀 I realized that one major reason I hated winter was because I didn’t own the right clothing. My family spent some winters in the Midwest, even spent half of a winter in northern Idaho – but we never really owned quality clothing for the season. Most winters we spent in the sunny south, and it didn’t seem worth it, I guess. But when we moved here, my husband insisted that we invest in good winter clothing. So we did. Here are my favorites!

My Favorite Winter Clothing

Coat. The piercing winds in this great state will fly right through anything woven! I finally found my dream coat: Woolrich’s down parka. I found mine on sale one year during Black Friday, and it was the best winter clothing purchase I have ever made. I couldn’t find the exact same coat, but this one is similar.

Gloves. I won a giveaway from my friend over at ‘From the Corner of the Circle L’ for a pair of Stormy Kromer mittens. They may not be great if you need dexterity, but for just being outdoors, they’re wonderful! I wear mine nearly every day. Once they wear out (which doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon!), I will buy another pair. (these say ‘mens’, but you can buy other colors if you like) Would you like a code for 20% off SK gear?!! Message me! aranchmom at gmail dot com

Boots. I found my first pair of Muck boots at a thrift store for $10.00! They lasted for 6 years. 😉 When those wore out, my husband bought me a tall pair for Christmas. These are seriously amazing boots! They come up close to to my knee, and the top is snug-fitting, so they keep snow out! I walk through waist deep snow (yes, literally!) and no snow falls inside. Yay! 😀 We bought Muck or Bogs boots for every member of the family. Except the littlest. She has a knock-off version since she is growing so fast! All the other kids have the real deal. Totally worth it. I like that my kids can go outside to do chores and play, without worrying if their feet are too cold.

Ear-warmer. I won a cute little fleece ear-warmer from a friend online, and it gets worn a lot. Several times a week, usually. I can’t find that online seller anymore, but Amazon has some similar styles.

Wild rag. A traditional piece of cowboy gear, the wild rag is essential for keeping those icy drafts off my neck! I love winding a soft silk rag around my neck and tying it snug. It’s amazing how much warmer you are when you wear a wild rag! And, they are soft and never chafe. Just be sure to get a silk one. Polyester is ok, but for the softest, most wonderful feeling – stick with silk.

So there you have it! What is your favorite winter clothing?

If you are a maker or seller, please feel free to leave your website or store info in the comments!

winter clothing

winter clothing

Our house gets pounded with blizzard winds.

Aspens in snow

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Winter Clothing.

  1. Deep8

    It’s true! The right clothing makes a huge difference in winter. My husband also insisted. He bought me a Columbia coat and ski pants set, and I was astounded at how much more fun it was outside when I wasn’t miserable. We discovered Muck boots last year, and I have to shout out for Sorel too. I have had a pair for twenty years! But brrr. I am sure i don’t use them as hard as you use yours! Stay warm!
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  2. melissa

    we use ‘bunny boots’ for footwear when it’s really nasty. otherwise we wear sorels. i have not had luck with Muck 😉 wear out in 6 months. the bogs have lasted longer but are not warm enough for deep winter, plus the sole is thin and when i wear cleats it hurts my feet… all other outter or inner layers are wool or down.

    1. Kay Schrock Post author

      When I was a teen and worked on my dad’s sawmill, I loved my sorel-type boots! But now, I much prefer the slip-on Mucks! :) So quick when I am in and out. But yes, they only last about a year for my husband, and 2 for me. My daughter has Bogs, and they didn’t last any better. I haven’t tried cleats. I guess living in winter-land just is hard on boots! On the flip side – sandals last me forever! Haha!
      Wool and down are the best layers!


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