Hello, Winter!

They were calling for snow… I kept hoping they were wrong. They sometimes are, you know. 😉 But this morning when I walked out through my yard, this is the sight that greeted my eyes:

winterMy lovely, bright flowers are each sporting a white cap of fluffy snow.



The grass is holding up a layer of snow on its green spears…



I walked out to my garden and unplugged the electric fence. For there is very little left alive in there to protect. The corn may look nice – but I bet it will be brown by the end of the day. Besides, the coons have eaten most of the ears, anyways. :(


Zucchini plants. You can’t plant too many here in WY, as you only get to pick a few before the plants freeze! ;)


Thankfully, I don’t think a bit of fluffy snow should hurt my apples. 


winterIt’s been but a short time since my last snow post, but I am hoping for a nice, long Indian Summer after this! 😉

Happy Winter, my friends.



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