I’m back!

I love My Cowboy.

When I tried to power up my computer last Friday, it wouldn’t. It bravely tried, sending a few weak glimmers of blue light and tiny squeaks, but to no avail. I tried unplugging it, restarting it, etc. Nothing. So off to the shop it went. It took exactly one week and ‘way over one hundred dollars, but its fixed. Thankfully. I am a terrible about procrastinating, and when I thought my pc was doomed, I was frantically trying to think how to save all my precious photos. And I am not even a photographer. But I love my photos. Fiercely. I do not want to lose even one. So yes, topping my to-do list now is ‘burn pics onto cd’s’. If I can quit catching up on emails, FB, Pioneer Woman, The Garden Web, etc, etc.
Our good friend from Germany. I love the horse. :)

My fun sister. Love you, Rose.

…and it would have been sad to lose all the pictures from CK Custom Leather.
My Cowboy does quality work. In case you’re interested.

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