March was busy…

  1. Hospital stay for the little man. Baby K had a bout of RSV, that dreaded respiratory illness that strikes babies especially hard this time of year. He (and I) spent 4 days in the hospital. I’m thankful the illness never became really bad. My sis pitched in and helped my kids at home while mom was gone, and sitting with me in the small peds room, helping the time pass. :)image
  2. Calving isn’t over! While night-calving has ended, my man still has mama cows to check daily. They like to pick odd times of the day to calve.image
  3. I caught up on some cinch orders. Some, I say, not all. I have more orders here – just hard finding time to fit them in. I enjoy making them, though, so I have a hard time saying no to orders! 😉 (I am not taking rush orders, there is a waiting list at this point.)
  4. School. Oh yes. Fitting in school for 3 kids somehow – not a small task. OK, so the older kids are pretty independent by now. But mom still needs to oversee. :) And the younger ones take more time. Reata, my 3 year old, thinks she must do school too, since big sis does!  :)
  5. Then there’s housework. Oh yeah, that. Carry on, fellow moms! Every task, no matter how small, when done for the glory of God is not small at all.image

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