Mohair Cinch Benefits… and my other writing place.

mohair cinchWhen I started tying mohair cinchas, I didn’t know much about the benefits – my artistic soul just loved the beauty of a hand-tied, colorful, mohair cinch! :) But as I have worked with them longer and have learned more and more, I am now sold on the benefits of this traditional fiber.

There are many choices with cinchas, and I can appreciate the various personal reasons for selecting a type to fit your need, whether it be usage, appearance, or just plain ole finances! (mohair tends to be pricey)

But – if you love traditional gear, and enjoy your gear being a piece of art – as well as solid function – then you may like a mohair cinch! :) I really enjoy making them. Working with my customers to design that special gift, or dyeing my own colors is so satisfying. I strive to keep my prices as low as possible, so the average working cowboy can afford nice-looking gear.

mohair cinch

And in other news, I am honored to be a contributing writer for Cavvy Savvy! A website that offers practical advice for performance and working horses.

I wrote an article on the benefits of a mohair cinch over there today, if you want to go check it out: Benefits of a Mohair Cinch.

I am impressed with the great group of writers at Cavvy Savvy. They are the real deal, and have so much knowlegde of working horses. I am excited to learn from them in the coming years.




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