My Mother Was Amish ~ Part 1


My Mother Was AmishShe was a young Amish girl. She hated housework, but enjoyed working outside. So she started working at the local vegetable farm. She, along with other local youth, hoed, pulled weeds, and picked vegetables in the warm sunshine.

One day as she was picking green beans, she realized that a young man was picking next to her in the row. He introduced himself, and they began to chat as they worked. The next time they were both working at the farm, they chatted again. Pretty soon they were chatting every day.

Well, one thing led to another, and soon they were a couple. He was over 6 ft tall, dark-haired and handsome. His darkly tanned skin and high forehead hinted at his Cherokee heritage. She was a short 5 foot, with brown hair and pretty, dark eyes. They made quite a dashing couple!


Her family was Amish. Amish do not marry people that are not Amish. And for the record, not all Amish call non-Amish ‘Englishers’. In fact, the only place I’ve heard that term, is in books about the Amish. (Which my mom won’t read, because they are so unrealistic! ) Most Amish and Mennonites call community folks: ‘worldly’.

So. My mother was Amish, and Amish don’t marry worldly people! This was a problem. My mother dodged that issue by just leaving the Amish church. When she turned 21, she just walked out and went with my father to a Baptist preacher to get married. If you could just see the photo of the two of them on the church steps!! Tall, handsome Dad, looking sharp in his gray suit, alongside him was my mother, dressed in a gray Amish dress…because Amish are not allowed to wear white to their weddings, you see. That would be too worldly. They try to be different from the world in as many ways as possible.

Anyways. My dad was not raised Amish, and had no desire to convert. He liked cars and engines and conveniences. So they compromised by going to a Mennonite church. Mennonites may look very similar to someone who is not used to them, and in reality they are quite similar. But there is a few glaring differences:

  1. They are allowed to own and drive cars.
  2. They are allowed to use electricity and modern conveniences.

So it came to be, that a Amish girl married a local redneck, and they started a family in a Mennonite community. With my dad coming from a non-Amish background, and my mother coming from an Amish home, I feel like us kids had a unique worldview given to us. Dad would see things one way, and Mom would see them another, and we just listened and made our own decisions. Not surprisingly, each of us kids have taken a slightly different path in life. Our journeys are different, yet the same. We are all committed to Jesus Christ, and each one of us follows Him the best we know how.

To be continued…

18 thoughts on “My Mother Was Amish ~ Part 1

  1. Emily

    That is a beautiful story about how they met! And good for your mom for following her heart! I used to live about 30 minutes from Amish Country in Ohio. I was not aware that they could in fact own cars! I remember seeing them ride in big vans but were always being chauffeured. Very interesting. I bet you had a unique upbringing. I think the Amish lifestyle is so interesting…Not for me, but it’s interesting!
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    1. Kay Schrock Post author

      Maybe I wasn’t clear… the ‘Mennonites’ were allowed to own cars – Amish are never allowed to own cars! :) Mennonites are an offshoot of Amish – but they are able to use more modern conveniences.

      1. Emma Weaver

        To add to the confusion, SOME Mennonites may own vehicles. We could not. They gave us up as lost after we had our vehicles.
        Enjoyed your blog, Kay.

          1. Emma Weaver

            I find it hard to explain to someone who doesn’t know about the Mennonites or Amish to say exactly what the differences are.
            But we were there at one point and I know all about it.
            Have a good day, Kay.

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  3. Nancherrow

    Very interesting story. Your mom was very brave to make that decision all on her own and go for it! Does she have any contact with her family? Did they forgive her? Maybe you are going to tell more in the next part. Can’t wait to read! Thanks for sharing your story on Fridays Unfolded!


    1. Kay Schrock Post author

      Oh, I never thought of the ending, haha! Sorry! I forget people don’t know how the family relationship is now. Thanks for asking – I will do another post on how the relationships are today.

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