New Mexico Cowboys ~ Featuring: Nelson

New Mexico Cowboys - Nelson

Name: Nelson Garber

Place: Horse Springs, NM

What do you tell people when they ask what you do for work?  I tell
them I cowboy.

What is your job description? I work on a cow/calf and yearling
outfit, so I do a little of everything. I doctor yearlings, ride
fence, check waters, do maintenance on windmills, equipment, etc. We
have a lot of water line, (8-10 miles or so) so I pump water a lot. In
the spring we have calving and branding, then in the fall we wean
New Mexico Cowboys - Nelson
What is your favorite part of your job?  I enjoy roping during
branding and working the cutting pen during weaning… having a good
horse makes it a lot of fun! We do everything horseback like it’s
meant to be done – I enjoy that.

New Mexico Cowboys - Nelson

What do you do in your spare time?  I train horses on the side. If I have extra time after chores are all done, I like to go out and put a ride on a colt. I also raise and train cowdogs and help my wife with her photography business. I like to workout and go running some.

New Mexico Cowboys - Nelson
Did you grow up on a ranch?  No, my dad had a dairy farm when I was a
kid. I always wanted to fool with horses though, so I’m livin’ the

New Mexico Cowboys - Nelson


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