Ridin’ With The Man.

Feeding cows on the ranch

The weatherman said it would be windy today.

He was right. Oh, so right! It was pretty warm though, so it wasn’t too bad.

When My Cowboy was getting ready to leave the house this morning, he mentioned that I should go with him to feed cake. So I did. I bundled up Baby and got the other kids started on their schoolwork and morning chores.

It is always nice to ride in the truck with My Cowboy for a few hours. I seem to do it more in the spring and fall. I don’t know – I think it’s because I get antsy inside the house during those times of the year. I mean, winter is way too cold to enjoy being outside, and during the summer I am usually crazy-busy with gardening, etc.

So, I grabbed my camera and the baby, My Cowboy filled his travel mug with hot, black coffee (yum!) and we were off.

At the first pasture, I tried to quickly roll the window down, so I could stick my camera out to take some photos. The knob was broke off, and man! it’s hard to crank a window down when there is no knob – just the stick part! Especially when you are trying to hold a wiggle baby in one hand and a huge camera in the other. :) While I was still struggling, My Cowboy opened the gate and drove through, so I quickly snapped a couple while he went back to shut the gate.

Then my camera died.


I forgot – again! I forget to charge it all the time. I could never be a professional photographer… “Wait! You can’t kiss the bride yet! I forgot to charge my camera!!” :)

Anyways, so we rode around, looking at the countryside and counting cows.

OK, I didn’t count – My Cowboy did. He has to count them to know how much feed to spread. I mean, I have no idea what  23X6 is.

Baby fell asleep partway through the drive. Wore out, I suppose, from all the cow-watching. She was quite impressed with the cows running alongside the truck, waiting for cake.  She kept wanting to open the door, too. But mean ‘ole mom wouldn’t let her. :)


Feeding cows on the ranch


Then it was back home to lunch, laundry and sewing. But the break was good. Ridin’ with The Man is always good.


2 thoughts on “Ridin’ With The Man.

  1. Mary Purviance

    I was searching for a choke cherry jam/syrup recipe and came across your site. What an inspiration you are, my dear! I live in Helena, Montana. Our elevation is similar to yours. I do have a question, though: the “juice” you reference in your instructions – is that the liquid rendered from the boiling fruit, or do you strain through a cheesecloth?

    Blessings on your ministry. :)

    Mary Purviance aka PraynMamma


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