Schrock Branding ~ 2014

Somewhere along about April or May, branding season started. And that was the beginning of crazy. It has been busy ever since. No time to sit down and blog, or sew those projects, or make those 101 pallet ideas from Pinterest! 😀

First was brandings, then gardening happened, and as you know – when your frost-free season is less than 3 months, you’d better not tarry. The ‘coon ate the chickens, so that was one less thing to do. But then there has been overnight guests and church camping trip, and more gardening, and yards to mow and did I mention brandings?!


But here I am – trying to catch up with some of the goings-on of the past 3 months. One of the highlights for us was our branding. This year was bigger. Still small – but bigger than last year. We bought some bred heifers back in January, and they had a nice bunch of calves. It is exciting to watch our herd grow!

We invited some friends to the branding, and while most cancelled, we did manage to get plenty of help. I was busy with the meal, but I did snap a few pics with my trusty iPhone. I tell ya – that thing is so handy! I have it with me always, so I never miss those moments anymore. Always ready to snap a pic in a few seconds. Granted – the quality is less than ideal, but I still like having them.

Wyoming Ranch BrandingWyoming Ranch Brandingranch brandingWyoming Ranch BrandingWyoming Ranch BrandingWyoming Ranch BrandingWyoming Ranch BrandingWyoming Ranch BrandingWyoming Ranch Branding

Of course, with My Cowboy in charge, it was a head and heel branding. :) We enjoy learning traditional ways of doing things, and like Cliff says:

“If you have to work anyways, why not make it fun?”



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