Spring Happenings

Spring was creeping in, pushing up with green grass and tiny blossoms. She began sprinkling her flowery scents over the air, and calling the birds back from the southland. She was gentle and quiet and oh so beautiful!
apple blossom bud



But then Old Man Winter rose up from his dying bed and gave one last furious scream. His breath rattled the windows and shook the house. He blew out wind and hurled piles of snow at the quivering world.

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There was nothing Miss Spring could do but wait. So she waited. She waited through a full day and night of driving snow. She waited while her pretty flowers were beaten to the ground, and she waited while her green grass was covered over in a foot of snow. A tiny goldfinch lost his way in the storm and was buried, yet she still waited – so patient. She knew her time was coming…

And when Old Man Winter gasped his last breath, she was still there, waiting to take over. This time she did not tiptoe in. This time she came in on dancing, twirling feet! She tossed flowers with a abandon and the breezes were laden with heavy perfume from a million tiny blossoms!

spring spring


It wasn’t really Miss Spring and Old Man Winter, you know.

It was God.

Our great, awesome, unbelievably artistic and perfect Father. He is the One who changes seasons. He is the one who makes the rain (and snow!) to fall on the evil and the good. If your crops get ruined by the weather  – He isn’t singling you out. He isn’t blessing that wretched sinner by allowing his crops to grow in peace! No, it is simply the way He created Nature – times and seasons and we have to deal with it. Yes, He can control the weather, absolutely! And we should pray for rain, or sun or whatever is needed. But we don’t see the bigger picture, so lets not get discouraged if our prayers don’t get answered the way we like. :)



He ushered in thick, lush grass and rainstorms. He cloaked the cottonwood trees with a heavy garment of leaves. He shrouded the mornings in fog and dew and gave strength to the afternoon sun. He painted with wild abandon – dripping bright drops of color over everything in sight.







And when the day was done, He took out His paintbrush again, and slathered the sky with generous strokes of orange and red and yellow.



My Father.

He does all this. 

Is there Winter in your heart? Dead and cold and barren? He will gladly usher in a beautiful, glorious Spring! He will paint your heart with bright colors, and set you to laughing again! He is Almighty God! He wants – indeed – longs to fill you and empower you!




2 thoughts on “Spring Happenings

  1. Jen

    I love what you wrote about Gods creativeness and how He is in control! Thankfully, I am not in control. His plan always turns out way better than my plans!
    I am also a ranch wife and mom, and I think you and I probably live about an hour away from each other by the sounds of it (ie: reference to horse creek)!
    Love your blog!!
    Jen V


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