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31 days to a better marriage; Hormones and Women.

31 Days to a better marriage; Hormones and us

Do you ever feel like you are so OVER dealing with hormones?! You know how it is with hormones and women; first you get weepy and cry over spilled milk. But the next two days you are just mad as a cow who’s stuck in a bog! Your husband can’t do anything right – you become like your 6 year old who screams: “Mooomm!!! He’s looking at me!” If you are lucky, you may get one week of feeling somewhat normal, before starting the whole cycle over again.

Hormones and women, 2 tips to help pms

Cow stuck in a bog. (we got her out)

OK, so that may be an exaggeration. But you get my point. It is hard. Our hormones change all over the place, and these changes happen every month. Up and down and sideways, till we just want to curl up and sleep for a week. Maybe that is actually what we need.

Anyways, my point is, you KNOW that your cycle does crazy things to your feelings, so do not, I repeat: do not make big decisions on your crazy days. Don’t get all crazy because “he doesn’t really love me…” or “he never does so-and-so, he must not truly care about me…”  Don’t go down that road! Chances are, he will seem totally lovable again in 2 days. And it is not fair to your man, to take out your physical problems on him.

Know your cycle. Track your symptoms for several months. See what days you feel cranky, and which you feel weepy. Keep track. Yes it is a pain, but it will help you tremendously to know what is coming – to know what to expect. You may feel like this is real, but then you look at your calendar and say; “you know what? maybe I’m overreacting.”

Take care of your health. It is your responsibility to take care of your health. Why should everyone around you suffer because you are too lazy to research what could help you? Or because you are too stingy to pay a few extra dollars per month for a product that would help. I am not a fan of drugs, for the record. I have found much better help in the natural remedies. But either way, try some things.

My best results have come from two things: Red Raspberry Tea and essential oils. I alternate them, some months taking tea daily, the next rubbing ClaryCalm™ on my abdomen. They both help a great deal! I found the tea helps more with cramping, and the oil helps more with mood swings. Try them both and see what helps you the most!

Ask God for help. We cannot separate our daily life from our spiritual one. Our holiness on Sunday is no higher than our holiness on Monday. Is your God bigger than your hormones? Do you use your hormones as an excuse to be crabby and unpleasant? While you get a handle on your health, you can still be Christ-like and kind. Ask God to fill you with his Spirit, to give you control over your emotions.

Yes, it can be tough. But think of it as a higher grade in school – once you pass the lower evel, then you move on to the higher grades. If you always stay in first grade, you will never go to college! But God wants us to grow and learn! Let’s not use physical problems as an excuse for our human nature. Pray for a sweet spirit when you are feeling yucky. Pray for wisdom in how you plan your days. Pray for wisdom to know how to treat your body.

Our holiness on Sunday is no greater than our holiness on Monday. Click To Tweet

Work with your body. Don’t plan too much on the days when you feel bad. (This is why you track your cycle) As much as possible, keep your schedule easy. Plan bigger things for those days you feel ‘normal’. On the worst days, remind yourself that it is the hormones talking. Don’t do or say anything rash. Don’t set up marriage counseling, or comment too much on social media. One snippy text when you are in ‘bad hormone mode’ can ruin a friendship. (related: don’t throw a friendship out the door from one snippy text. Maybe she was hormonal that day!!)

On the worst days, remind yourself that it is the hormones talking. Don't do or say anything rash.… Click To Tweet

Take naps, go to bed on time, eat more than chocolate and coffee. (raises hand) Sometimes I tell my man: “I am feeling emotional today – it will be better in a day or two. I’m sorry, it’s nothing to do with you!” That way he knows it is just hormones, and not to worry that I am losing my mind! Ha! That doesn’t give me excuse to be mean. It just helps him understand why I break into tears over a picture of a baby on facebook. 😀

Some folks find real relief from network-marketing type products. I have tried several, but the  only one that given me relief, is essential oils.
You can find those here —>  Essential Oils. 

Homones and women, two home remedies to help with monthly cycle

And with red raspberry leaf tea (must be from the leaves, not the berries). I drink one cup a day and if I am faithful about that, it helps with cramping tremendously! You can find that here —> Red Raspberry Tea.

If you have found help with your monthly cycles, please comment and share with us what has helped you!