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God’s Faithfulness.

God's faithfulnessIn the early years of my walk with God, I didn’t realize the great blessing I had in God’s faithfulness. I knew of my sinfulness, and of His forgiveness. But it was several years before I understood what a blessing His faithfulness was in my life.

You see, I hate half-baked goals. I am the queen of half-baked goals! I start things and don’t finish – all the time! It is the second most irritating personality trait I find in myself.* So when I  decided to follow Jesus, I set my compass on Heaven, my feet on the Word of God, and anchored my soul in the love of Christ. I said:  “I will do this right or not at all. I am not going to be a ‘church on Sunday, cuss on Monday’ kind of Christian. I am all in!”

Now, obviously, I have fallen short of the grace of God too often. I have sinned and repented more than I would like to remember. It grieves my heart that I have helped hammer those nails into the hands of my Savior. But Praise God! There is forgiveness for my sin and a new beginning in Christ!

God my Father shows His faithfulness to me by showing me my sinful habits and other unChristlike actions and attitudes. Conviction from the Holy Spirit is such a great blessing. It allows me to see where I need to repent and change. Then I can become more like Christ. It seems unpleasant to my flesh – my ‘self’, but it makes my spirit rejoice, because I know that God cares about me.

Last week one of my kids brought me one of those silica packets that are found in packages to keep things dry and fresh. (It had fallen out of my daughter’s new boot box) She held it out to me, and asked what it was. I told her to take it straight to the trash – it s poisonous and could make her or her little sister very sick! I didn’t let her play with it just because she thought it was a cool item. I wasn’t afraid of hurting her feelings, I was afraid of ruining her health! Any loving parent would protect their child from harm, by pointing out something harmful the child wants to do.

In the same way, we can be thankful that our Father shows us things we are doing that are harmful for us, spiritually. He is completely faithful to show us areas where we are sinning, things we need to change. If He didn’t love us, He would say: “fine, you want to be selfish and unkind, you don’t care about your words, ok, go ahead and do what you want.” But He doesn’t let us harm ourselves – He shows us when we are doing something that will kill us spiritually. If we are born again and walking with Him, we are part of the family of God.  He is our Father. He wants the best for us – His children. He wants us to gain victory over sin and live in joyful peace. So He shows us over and over when we need to change. That is His kindness.

Let’s thank Him for His faithfulness to us each day. Let’s walk in the light and be sensitive to His voice guiding us. If He shows us an area where we are wrong, let’s repent and confess immediately, and turn to Him. If we follow one step at a time, we can gain victory over sin, and His Spirit will not leave us.

*My number one most frustrating personality trait is the fact that I naturally talk before I think. While this is not wrong in itself, I have sinned often with my tongue because of it. Personality is no excuse for sin, and it is an area the Lord has been teaching me control over.

Focus on good things.

Focus on good things.I have this tendency to constantly be aware of all the bad things in my life..  things that need to get done, need fixing, need paying off, need changed, need cleaning, or need bought. All these needs. All the stress. All the frustrations, just waiting there in that overflowing mailbox. All the fears, over there on Facebook. All the tension and worry, there in the news. All the unrest, there waiting in my house of half-finished projects. All the failures, in my housework, child-training and marriage. All the ‘You’re not good enough!‘, shouting at me from every corner of life.

It’s enough to make me lie in bed and cry myself to sleep with big fat tears. Tears of failure, frustration, weariness and sadness. Tears mixed with sadness for losses, physical pain and emotional hurts. And the longer I focus on these things, the harder I cry, and the more I want to escape from it all.

“Let’s go to Hawaii!” “Wouldn’t it be fun to visit DC again?!” “Oh, I found some cute cabins where we can have a relaxing vacation!”

Oh yes. I would love to run away from LIFE. I would love to hide away in a mountain cabin, or let the warm Hawaii sun burn the problems away. But that wouldn’t solve anything, would it? You  know, it sounds silly to even say such things…  writing them down sounds absurd! We all know that a vacation solves nothing, and you just come home wearier than you left! 😉 (Believe me – I am all in favor of a good vacation! But not as an ‘escape’.)

There is something you can do to clear your mind of all the worries and endless tension; Focus on the good. Purpose to reject worry and fear. It is only through the power of Christ that we can rise above LIFE and live in peace and joy. I am not advocating some sort of yoga or mind-tricks. This is real! This is how we take control of our minds.
Focus on what is good; stop focusing on bad things. This is Scripture.

 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.                          Philippians 4:8

“Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” Colossians 3:2

This takes self-discipline. You have to repeatedly stop focusing on bad things, and purposely replace those thoughts with good thoughts. This is one of the reasons I need to read Scripture daily; to keep my mind on things above. To have lots of good things to think about! If you struggle with focusing on bad things, here are a couple tips on keeping your mind in a good place:

1. Read the Bible daily. It is your spiritual food, after all. You wouldn’t starve your body for days or weeks – nor should you starve your spirit! No wonder you are so weak.

2. Try to remember hymns and spiritual songs. Sing as you work! Sing as you drive. Sing along to the radio. It helps you focus on Heavenly things.

3. Make a plan for reaching out to others. It always helps me tremendously to remember that my lot in life is not the worst-case scenario. Yours likely isn’t either! Text, call, email…write a letter, for goodness sake! But in your reaching out, don’t just use it as a vent for your problems. Ask them how their week is going. How can you ease their load? Community. This is sorely lacking, and you could be the one to start. :)

How do you set your mind on things above?