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CK Custom Leather ~ Spur Leathers


I want to show you a bit of my husband’s leather work today. Spur leathers, specifically.

Don’t know what they are? Basically, they are a piece of leather that holds the spur onto the boot. But like most cowboy gear – they are usually made to be fashionable as well as functional.

spurMy husband does amazing leather work. I am always impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of work he produces. Yes – I am prejudiced, 😉  but I have been to many leather shops and shows with him, and I have seen a lot of work. I still think his is outstanding.


Like any good artist – he tends to be his own worst critic – pointing out flaws. I, on the other hand – have no problem bragging him up. No problem, I tell you! :)

Check out the fancy silver buckles on these babies.

IMG_1869 - Copy

The thud of his hammer is often heard during tooling… For those of you new to the business – he cuts the designs into the leather using a very sharp little swivel knife, then he uses a small steel ‘stamp’ and pounds the leather down in places – to give the design a 3D effect. IMG_3627

Another pair of custom spurs. Beautiful.IMG_3638 Oh wait… actually – I think these are his own spur leathers! :) Yes, he wears his own handwork. Rides in his own saddle, too. (cinched down with his wife’s hand-made cinch.) 

Check out the gorgeous Jeremiah Watt spurs! Pretty, pretty! IMG_3657Here’s another pair of custom spurs.
IMG_6783If you want to order spur leathers (or any leather item) just contact me, or shoot Cliff an email at ckcustomleather (at) gmail (dot) com.