Time for a Date.

I’ve been telling my man that I want to go on a date. You know – just him and me. Not the kids, not a quick burger – but a nice, sit-down, talk awhile, real date. Life has just been crazy busy lately, and I feel like we have been ‘passing ships in the night’, so to speak. I am home for awhile to throw in a load of laundry and slap together some sandwiches or heat up some leftovers, then I’m off again. He eats supper then heads out to his second job; the saddle shop. We have had dr’s appointments, a wedding, planes to catch, church meetings, foster-care meetings, brandings all over the place, and on and on. Whew.
ranch couple

Time to slow down. Time for a little one-on-one. Time for a leisurely supper and maybe a movie? But first, he has to finish the current order on the bench, and I have a cinch order that must get done. I can’t relax with orders hanging over me! :)

However, it is going to happen. I am trying to get in one date night per month, this year. That was my goal. We missed May. Bummer! But I intend to make it a bigger priority for the rest of the year. I find that time alone where we can talk, is so important to our relationship. It is not a luxury for us, but a necessity. To keep those tender feelings alive and that fire burning. We haven’t always been able to leave the house for dates. Babysitters are hard to find, so ‘stay-home’ dates have been a regular feature. But time alone is a must. Going through your life with only whispered conversations at night when you are tired and emotional – not a good idea. Long conversations happened when you were dating, and they are just as important now.

I know there are many who disagree with this, and that’s ok. :) But I dare you to try it for 6 months and see what happens. Put those kids to bed early and pull out the candles and fancy dishes. Play a game or look at old pictures together. Get a sitter if possible and take a short hike and then just sit and admire God’s creation together.

Meanwhile, I was browsing the web and found a few lovely items that would be great for my ranch-wife style on a night out!  How cute are these boots?! (I kind of have a thing for fringe.) Plus, they have a pretty turquoise lining. Go over and check em out: Fringe Boots. If fringe isn’t your thing, you can find more boot choices over here.


Of course we need a lovely lace top, to go with those boots. How about this ivory beauty? So pretty and feminine.

lace blouse

If we are going out on a date with our husband, we will need a purse to carry our stuff…

purse womens-zuni-passage-convertible-bucket-tote-golden_large

And don’t forget your husband…  Pick up a pair of boots for him at King’s Saddlery too – you know he’d love a pair for Father’s Day! Men’s Boots.
Here is a handsome pair: Red Top Boots red boots

Hope your  day is lovely and warm and you take your man on a date!


One thought on “Time for a Date.

  1. Carol

    We made time for a long needed date recently. It was so good to savor the time together and not be rushing on to the next thing.
    Oh, and I like some fringe, but that poor boot has it to the extreme. 😆😄


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