Valentine’s Day and birthdays and rainbows.

rainbow over ranch countryWhen I was a little girl, my mom always baked a heart-shaped cake for my birthday, because my birthday falls just a few days before Valentine’s day. Mom would slather my cake in pink frosting, and sometimes she’d decorate it with candies on top, or little paper doilies under the edges, to make it special.

Many of my birthdays were spent in Florida, where it’s 80 degrees in February. My Amish grandma lived there, along with a bachelor uncle and a single aunt. I loved celebrating with them. Riding my bike on the warm streets of Sarasota was my favorite pastime! Here is a photo of my dad and three of his daughters. (I am in the center)father and daughters in florida

Anyways, so my birthdays are not as warm and sun-kissed, these days. Usually we’re snowed under, with gale force winds blowing. This year it was pleasantly warm – about 40 degrees, but of course we still have plenty of snow lying around. I had to take my daughter to the Dr. on my birthday, and I wasn’t feeling well. But I splurged and bought snacks for the evening. We watched movies and ate junk food, so it was a relaxing evening. :)

We don’t do a lot for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes we go out to eat, but this time we stayed home. Maybe you are of the persuasion that Valentine’s day is a forced-affection, commercialized day. Cheesy. Annoying. Invented to remind singles of their sad, unmarried status. High pressure on husbands.

But I love Valentine’s Day! I love the hearts and cheesy sentiments, and all the chocolate. I love roses and dates and hand-made Valentine’s made by my kids. I don’t expect a lot from my man. There’s been days he’s worked 12 hours and was too tired to go get a gift. That’s ok. I don’t always make his favorite treats, but he doesn’t mind. We have each other – true love that has endured much, and we love to celebrate it. But we don’t HAVE to celebrate it. We love each other every day, whether we’re riding in a tractor, feeding cows, or eating steak and ice cream.

I have been riding in the tractor with Cliff, lately. I just like to ride along and open gates and have uninterrupted time to talk, while he feeds hay. One day last week we saw this gorgeous rainbow! rainbow on the ranch

feeding cows

Taken from the tractor door…

The balebuster chews up the big, round bales, and spits them out in a nice row for the cows. This helps the cows get at it easier, and there is less waste. Some people just put the bale on the ground whole. Well, that works fine, but then manure piles up in one spot, and that is not good for the ground. This way the manure gets spread out and is good for the hay meadows. They spread the hay in a slightly different spot each day.tractor and balebustercows eatingfeeding cows

I know I have said it before, but I can’t get over how cozy and warm our little house is, with this wood stove! I am shamelessly enamored with wood stoves, anyways, and this one is so efficient and perfect! I try to keep it burning at all times, although it does go out at night, usually. I just don’t wake up to replenish the wood during the night. Frank helps me chop wood and keep it stoked.
wood stove

By the way, while I am repeating things, let me say again how much I love teens!! They are so much help. They are funny, caring, and smart. They can take care of themselves, and sometimes me. Their jokes are actually funny, now, and they are so creative and inventive.

Of course, they eat more, and are learning to drive, and don’t believe everything Mom says, ha! But that’s ok. I enjoy seeing them grown into their own personalities and interests.

Some days my man will call me about 10 o’clock or so, and ask if he may bring some guys along home for lunch. Usually he works alone, but some days they have a project that needs extra guys. I always say yes. Sometimes the lunch is rather slapped-together and certainly not fancy. But it’s hot and filling, so they don’t care.

Sometimes they just come in at 10 for coffee and snacks. Sometimes I have snacks and sometimes I have to serve bread and jelly. 😀 Anyways, it adds variety to my days. I enjoy cooking, so to putter in my kitchen all morning is a fun treat.

I wasn’t very consistent with my exercising in January and first part of Feb. I was gone some, and I was sick several times. But this week I am back at it. I am SORE! Whew. The gal on the workout dvd says: “you know, you’re burning lots of calories, doing this!” and I’m like: “I better be!” 😀 Haha! I do not workout because I enjoy it – I do it solely for the benefits. I have to admit that there is a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with exercising.

What have you been up to, this Valentine season?


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  1. Nikea

    “Their jokes are actually funny.” Love that. So true, which is good because the rest of the time I’m counting down how many teen years I have left, which is a lot. Lot harder than I thought it would be.


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