The view along the way.

It was a normal day of homeschooling, (or as we like to say: School.) laundry, cooking, tending the baby, and just being a mom. You know. The kind of day where nothing too extraordinary happens, things just kind of go along…


Except – I wanted to see some different scenery, get some fresh air… something! So I did what I always do. I went outside. Outside is a great place to go. You should try it! It is usually right outside your front door – waiting to welcome you to fresh breezes, changing sights, and interesting smells. Now before you go all crazy on me, I know you might not live in the wide open place that I do. I know your door opens to a  busy street – or maybe a 5th floor apartment building landing. I get it. But you know what? Streets can still be walked, there are new sights to be seen, and you’re still more apt to get a breeze on your face outside than inside. :) I have lived in the city. I know what it’s like. I loved it when I was younger – not so much now. The ranch has me truly spoiled forever. But I challenge you to get outside anyways. Go for a walk – just to walk. Not for exercise, not for getting somewhere – just to walk and look. I like to look. Don’t have time? I get that too. Oh yes I do. Trust me! Maybe not today then – maybe tomorrow. Maybe not an hour, maybe just a half hour. Or ten minutes. Ten minutes can work wonders! :)


Back to my normal day… So I decided to go see what My Cowboy had been working on the last few days. I drove out through the lengthening shadows and quiet countryside.


Who says WY is boring?! I love it. Lots of character, yet open enough to run cattle and see around. Yes, I’m prejudiced.



Bare spots and 2-ft drifts. this is my problem when someone asks me: “How much snow did you get?” Huh? what part of the yard would you like me to measure? 😀 Wyoming problems…



Tumbleweeds are a real problem around here. Notice how the wind has blown them all up against the fence. And this is actually a mild case!



Deserted ranch road. I love it.




They were building a roof to cover the reservoir water tank. Although ‘tank’ is kind of misleading, since it is actually a concrete square – sunken in the ground. :) It has a roof to keep out debris, and a gravity-fed water tank down hill from the reservoir. Pretty handy to store water for those un-windy days. Windmills are run by wind – so, no wind=no water. Therefore, when the wind blows, it fills the tank, and then the reservoir. That way the extra water isn’t wasted, just saved for the non-windy days.


Ranch truck!

I drove up just as the sun sank – and they were getting ready to stop for the day. I went and peered into it, and chatted a bit – till I started shivering. I wasn’t dressed warm enough, and I am such a wuss when it comes to cold. So I soon left and headed back home. I kept snapping pictures along the way.


This is why I drive 4X4. A must on a ranch. Plus it’s kinda cool. ;)


The yucca plants bloomed profusely last year in response to the wet summer following the drought. They are full of seeds now – trying to take over the earth.






Do you ever feel like you have to get some fresh air? Or do you just stay inside all day?

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