Walking Across Wyoming

I did something different this year, and made New Year’s Resolutions. Just a few, and most of them were rather general – therefore keeping pressure off of myself, ya know. 😉

Day 1 of my Walk across Wyoming

Day 1 of my Walk across Wyoming

But one specific goal I made, was to walk 400 miles this year. Just for the purpose of walking. I am not counting miles walked around the house, pushing a grocery cart, or even all those airport miles I walked during my florida vacation early in January! I am only counting the miles I walk for exercise. Mainly around a 2-mile ‘loop’ by my house. I am a bit behind, thanks to the aforementioned vacation, but when the weather is warm and beautiful this summer, I am sure I will have no problem catching up.

Why 400 miles?



Well, the distance from the east to the west across Interstate 80 in Wyoming is 400 miles. So that is my virtual goal. To walk all the way across WY. :) I am having fun, actually. I post my daily walk pictures to Instagram. If you want to see what I see on my walks, you can follow me: kay_schrock is my username.

One of the cold days...

One of the cold days…

I have walked some days that were freezing, and I do mean FREEZING COLD!! Yesterday was one such day. I coaxed two of my kiddos to come with me, to keep me from sheer boredom. They ran, skipped, and jumped all the way. I tried to survive. My legs were numb by the time I was 1/2 way. I tried running a bit to get my blood flowing – and then remembered why I walk and don’t run… I am not a runner. End of story.

Crazy, windy day!

Crazy, windy day!

One day I decided to walk in the field, hoping to break the boredom of the normal two-mile circle… all that did was remind me that the wind is so much stronger on the ridges than down by the creek. Whew! I was windblown and weary till I got home that day!

This was what I saw when I tried to take a more interesting route... heh.

This was what I saw when I tried to take a more interesting route… heh.


Coaxed my kids to go with me last night... ended up being the coldest walk yet! 10*....brrr!

Coaxed my kids to go with me last night… ended up being the coldest walk yet! 10*….brrr!

So yes, I am walking…and walking…and walking… and I will keep you updated! :) Where are you walking? (please don’t say Hawaii!!)

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  1. Karyn

    We didn’t walk today but we’ve been out in frigid weather…single digits to teens! Ohio is frozen this year. I DO NOT RUN either. It is the “in” thing to do but I cannot get into it! Happy walking :)
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