Weekly Goals and Motivation

Wyoming sunrise

Such a pretty sky this morning!


Hello and Happy Monday! The weather continue – against all logic – to extend us beautiful, sunny days! While I am not a big fan of fall, (don’t hit me!) I have to say, this is one of the prettiest I have seen. I have enjoyed scheduling several portrait sessions, and we have been outside quite a bit.

I am looking forward to Time Change, tho. Yes, I love those long, dark evenings! 😉 I am not an evening person at all, so if I can stop trying to be productive earlier in the day – I am all kinds of excited!

Meanwhile, here are my weekly goals for this week:

Memorize 1 verse this week.

Find a way to spend time together… probably riding with my man as he checks water, or maybe if I’m lucky – riding with him to check cattle health.

 ~Practice ASL with my kids at least 3 times. We are learning it together, and they LOVE when we practice!
~Make a special snack to eat while we are reading aloud from our schoolbooks.

~Organize and clean our office/schoolroom.
~Finish organizing our business paperwork.

This week is our church’s monthly ladies’ night Bible Study, yay! I plan to leave a little early and do a bit of shopping for myself on the way.

Write daily.
Work on a cinch order I have waiting.
Read 2 chapters in a business book I recently bought:

I hope your week is productive and peaceful! :)


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