Weekly goals and Motivation.

weekly goalsAfter an early freeze in August, we are now enjoying a lovely, hot, Indian Summer. I have been soaking up the warmth… preparing for those long, cold blizzard-y days of winter. :)

Oh, by the way – my kids started school August 24th, so we’re done with 2 weeks! Yay! Only 34 weeks to go! 😉 Really, it’s been good so far. I love the flexibility of homeschool, I must admit.

After a particularly trying and hectic summer, I am trying to get my life back to some semblance of order and routine. I have several goals for this fall, and I thought what better way to motivate myself to accomplish them, than to blog about them?! Plus, I always enjoy reading someone else’s schedule. It helps me get motivated. :)

So, I have broken down my goals into several sections. I plan to work on most of the sections weekly. Some may get laid aside some weeks, depending on our plans. Here’s what I have planned for this week:

Read along with the Good Morning Girls as they go through the book of Acts. This week is chapters 1 – 5.

Plan a weekend away with my husband. (We are both trying to get our schedules/sitter/logistics lined up so we can have a few days alone to reconnect. )

1. Take the kids on a nature hike, before cold weather sets in.
2. Make a special meal and cake for my daughter who has a birthday this week!

1. Clean out my garden and get it ready for winter. I plan to till it, then cover it in manure and/or straw, and let it decompose over winter. I realize this is not ‘in’ my house, but it counts, right? :)
2. Clean out my hall closet.

Host a girls’ afternoon at my home, complete with coffee and cookies and lots of gabbing. :)

Write daily.
Work on a cinch order I have waiting.

I hope your week is productive and peaceful! :)

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