Wyoming Cowboys ~ Featuring: Bill


Name: Bill

Location: I work on the T/A Cattle Co. in Medicine Bow, ZigZag Horse Training in Arlington, and Rockin’ EZ Cattle Co. in Rock River, Wyoming.

What do you do for a living? Cowboy.

What is your job description?   Well, I’m always breaking and training colts. Starting them and getting them trained up. Then of course its a nonstop battle with doctoring. Some years you fight pink eye and foot rot; others years you gotta fight selenium poisoning. And of course pneumonia – last year it was lichen poisoning.


What is something you dislike about your job?  Well, there’s not much I don’t enjoy about it. I don’t like fencing, but I know its needed. :)

What are some things you enjoy about your job?  Gotta love the green up of spring and seeing young healthy calves running around. But my favorite is breaking a colt and training a new pup and being able to see the progress you’ve made in real time.

What do you do in your spare time?  If I get spare time, I like to read a lot, to get out of the every day world and into another time or place. I like work on my leather work or even play video games. :)  But lately I’ve finally been taking lessons learning how to dance some.


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