Wyoming Garden Tour ~ July, 2014

Hi friends!

I have been wanting to get a garden tour up much earlier, but just haven’t had time. Been spending too much time in my garden, haha! :) Anyways, I am a pretty big gardening addict, although I am not a great gardener – really. Most of my gardens have been duds, or at best – sad sights. But I struggle on! 😀 In 13 years of gardening (on my own) I have had exactly ONE garden I was completely, 100% satisfied with. And that was in MO. Back there where you throw seeds on the ground and a few weeks later pick veggies.

Anyways. Wyoming gardening has been a struggle for many reasons, let me tell you. But I am learning! And this year my garden is at least passable. I want to show you around my garden today…

From the outside it looks trashy, I know! It is an eyesore. But – the bird tape was given by my mom to keep deer out, so I put it up. It doesn’t even keep the birds out! Worthless. Gonna rip it down eventually. The ‘regular’ fence was there when we moved here. I added the tall poles (cheap conduit pipe) and stretched nylon netting around it the first two years. That actually did keep the deer out for awhile, but once the coons ripped it down to get at the corn, the deer went in too, and happily ate off my ENTIRE garden in a single night. This happened two years in a row, and after that I said enough! This year I added an electric fence outside the existing fence, (3 strands!) with the hope that between the shock and the 3 ft gap – they would’nt try jumping over or going through the fence. So far it’s working! Yay! But this year, for the first time – we have rabbits. Wretched varmints.

wyoming garden 2014

Standing at the gate… the wooden fence is pallets sawed in half (my son’s work!) and it was covered with netting to keep the birds out of the strawberries. I didn’t think of rabbits… they went right through the slats and chewed off all the strawberry leaves! No berries, just the leaves. :(

wyoming garden 2014

Rhubarb plants I transplanted from a different spot where they barely grew. (under trees) Here they seem to be doing well.

wyoming garden 2014wyoming garden tour

My garden looking south. Before I decided to get electric fencing, I built this wire enclosure for my peas. (determined to get some peas!!) I found instructions HERE.

I have three veggie beds – separated with mowed grass.

wyoming garden 2014


I crammed a LOT of stuff in the wire hoop-house! :) Probably too much. I have been picking a ice-cream pail of peas every other day, lately. On a side note: now I know why my mom said peas take too much room. As many beautiful peas that I have – yet I am not getting enough to freeze much. I would need a lot more plants to get a substantial amounts to freeze. Anyways.

garden tour 2014

So proud of my first ever cauliflower! Who knew they are so easy to grow?!

So proud of my first ever cauliflower! Who knew they are so easy to grow?!

For some reason, rabbits only eat the green beans and strawberries. :/


garden 6

Garden plot #1


Garden plot #2
Onions and potatoes

wyoming garden 2014

garden plot #3
Just corn

wyoming garden 2014

My little helper

wyoming garden 2014wyoming garden 2014

Some of the challenges I have encountered in my Wyoming gardens are:

1. Short growing season. Literally 2 months. Or 3 if I’m lucky. And even when it isn’t ‘freezing’, the nights get cool, so warm weather things just don’t ripen before frost. Tomatoes and peppers just sit there. So this year I put them in my green house.

Yes! I have a greenhouse!! I will share a post on it soon…

2. Deer. These are seasoned veterans of eating gardens. They are practically tame. Seriously the most annoying thing ever.

3. Rabbits. First year for these critters, but quickly rising to the level of annoyance that the deer are at.

4. Cows. Thankfully on this ranch my garden is not too clse to any fences/pastures. Last ranch I have had entire gardens trampled into the ground by these ferocious, obnoxious beasts.

5. Hail. (3 inches across one time. Shreds plants!)

6. Late Snows. (a foot on Mothers day this year.) Or early snows. (Sept one year)

So there ya go. Are you tough enough to garden in WY? Good for you! tell me your tricks! :) It is not for the faint of heart, I’m tellin’ ya! But with a lot of work and a little luck – you might just get some garden fresh veggies that make it all worthwhile. :)


2 thoughts on “Wyoming Garden Tour ~ July, 2014

  1. Karyn

    I truly admire your determination to make it work one way or another! And I almost feel guilty about our long growing season :) But then, you live in beautiful Wyoming! So we live and grow where we are planted and thank God for the simple pleasures!

    1. Kay Schrock Post author

      Haha! No need for guilt, Karyn! 😀 I love my beautiful Wyoming – even if the gardening season leaves me frustrated many times. And I need to work on the thankfulness… too easy for me to slip into complaining, when really – I have a posh life, by many standards. :)


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