Wyoming Garden Update – August, 2014

Hi friends! Just a quick post to give you an update on my precious, struggling garden! :) I have not photographed everything I have harvested – but today I thought I would give you another peak…

Carrots, two zucchini, an onion, a handful of crab-apples (seriously – is that all you can do?!) and a few new potatoes – just for fun. :)  The onions are all nearly ready, but since I don’t need them yet, figured I’d let them stay in the ground till they are bigger, or till I need them. I love going out and pulling a fresh onion for dinner. And the potatoes I dug just to see how big they are… yes, I am quite childish about waiting on root crops! I am leaving the rest till they mature, no worries.

The carrots are actually going crazy out there, and last week I pulled about two pounds of nice sized carrots! I planted them ‘way too thick, so I am pulling them here and there to thin out some of the thick spots. And my kids love them – they are so tender! I do pick zucchini pretty small – who needs huge nasty ones?

I also picked two cherry tomatoes from my greenhouse today, but they went straight into my mouth! 😉 and yesterday I picked some cucumbers. So I am feeling pretty happy about my garden this year.

My favorite is the flowers – all from my little flower patch! So pretty…

wyoming garden 2014

Blurry cell phone pic!

Yesterday I made these yogurt/fruit parfaits for breakfast. I ran out of yogurt, but they were still delicious! I used my own homemade granola, vanilla yogurt, and peach pie filling (also homemade). My son plopped a spoonful of Cool Whip on top of his. :) Yum. If I would have had more yogurt, I would have added another layer on the top.

peach breakfast

While I was hunting for crab-apples on the tree today, I found this cute little bird’s nest.

nestWe started school Monday. So far it is going good and we are enjoying it. My 18 month old wants to practice phonics with her sister everyday. :) She knows all her letter sounds already, the little stinker! (I want my baby as long as possible!!!!)

Anyways. That is what I am up to.

Oh! And I sent my very first international cinch order last week. All the way to Australia! Kind of big for me, I admit. :)

mohair cinch

5 thoughts on “Wyoming Garden Update – August, 2014

  1. Eunice McBryant

    Sounds like you’re busy:). Most moms are. Have to say I’m glad homeschooling days are behind me.

  2. Gail

    Your veggies look delicious. It has been a cold wet summer here so my garden, beautiful as it looks has only given me green beans and 2 cucumbers so far! Back to school, back to routine. There is a comfort in that. I think of all the long cozy winter days reading by the woodstove. What do you use for curriculum in your busy, ranching household? I cant spend all day on school and some of these homeschool blogs? Well, I really have to work on gleaning what works in my family and letting the rest go.

    1. Jenifer Hosman

      Hi there! Everything looks so great! I wondered about your crab apples. My tree is full of them but online it says to wait until the seeds are brown to know they are ready to be picked. Currently the seeds are red. What are your thoughts on that? This is my first experience with crab apples.

      1. Kay Schrock Post author

        Actually, this is the first year I found this crabapple tree — no experience here either! :) I live on an old ranch, so I keep discovering things. I never heard that about crabapples… Sorry I can’t be of any more help.


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