Yearlings and Photography.

All I wanted to do was walk over to where My Cowboy was doctoring a steer, and get some good close-ups. Is that too much to ask? But yes. These critters followed me like a pack of puppies. They can be so annoying.

My Cowboy’s horse ~Diva, didn’t like a herd of adolescent bovines running at her full tilt, so she swung around and started to act up. Whereupon I immediately stopped and walked back to my car. I didn’t want to make My Cowboy have to rope that steer all over again, just cause some dumb yearlings insisted on following me, en masse.

Awww! What a shy sweetie. not.

What’re YOU lookin at? Your hair is funky.

Lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “Yearlings and Photography.

  1. Sonja Long Headings

    LOVE THIS and all your blogs .. Glad to see Cliff living his dream..I will always remember when on a trip west he or was that his bro piped up and said this is how the cowboy n indians were in the Old Testament!! or something like that


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