Prime Day at Amazon

Do you have an Amazon Prime membership? I balked for a long time, but last year I took the free 30 day trial. Of course I forgot to cancel it, (that’s why companies do that, duh. I always forget!) But the fact was, I do use it a fair amount. Not sure yet if I use it enough to justify it – I sure would if we had better internet and could use the music, streaming videos, etc.


Today is Prime Day – some prices are better than Black Friday, I’ve heard. I figured I’d let you know about it, in case you hadn’t heard. So go on over an see what’s on sale! Buying through my link does not increase your price at all, but Amazon does pay me a tiny commission if you buy through my link. (I’d appreciate it) Amazon Prime Deals

I thought I would also share some things I have recently gotten at Amazon, or want to get! This cd was sold out at my Cracker Barrel for weeks, so I finally went to Amazon to get it! Of course it was cheaper here, too. I listen to it and cry a lot. Beautiful hymns.


I bought this Melissa & Doug set for my 3 year old last Christmas. Inexpensive and educational. She loves it!

This book I checked out at the library, but I want to buy it. It is a very fascinating read – not sure quite how to describe it, but it will make you re-evaluate how you think about your work. I came away from it resolving to be the lynchpin in our home. Read it, even if you get it from your library, I bet you will like it. :)

‘For The Love’ by Jen Hatmaker is a great book on mothering and life in general. If you are a mom, you will laugh your way through it. But some chapters also dig at your heart a bit, making you think. I don’t like that she uses an occasional crude word, but otherwise it is worth a read. I checked it out of the library too, and I’d like to grab a few for gifts.

Here’s a link to all today’s deals: Amazon Prime Deals
ave fun shopping at home! :)

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